2023 Engineers Week

Each year, we take time to recognize and celebrate our team of incredible engineers.
Posted on Friday, February 17, 2023
Each year, we take time to recognize and celebrate our team of incredible engineers. This group of more than 150 individuals plus supporting staff puts their talent and expertise to work each day, pushing our business forward while unearthing solutions to some of our toughest challenges.

Together, they constitute a diverse spectrum of engineering specialties. Sabrina Torneden, a Koch Ag and Energy Solutions (KAES) Human Resource Business Partner, explained just how many different fields are represented.

“At KAES, we employ engineers in many different specialties including mechanical, electrical, chemical, project and computer/IT. Although we have opportunities in almost all the ‘traditional’ engineering disciplines, our roles are far from traditional.” 

She went on to detail the variety that exists between positions and the possibilities that abound. “The engineering opportunities at KAES and Koch Fertilizer (KF) can look vastly different depending upon the individuals’ unique abilities and aptitudes, but the opportunities are endless and dependent on your own unique talents and interest.”

To celebrate this special week, we spoke with three Koch engineers to get their perspective on a wide range of topics, including what they like most about being an engineer. Based in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Fixed Equipment Reliability Engineer Colton Mullin elaborated on the idea of opportunity. 

“Koch is unique in that you can do just about whatever you want, as long as there's a good business case for it. If it’s going to add value to the company, you can pursue whatever you want, and if you’re really passionate, you can work with your supervisor and focus on that area.”

“What I enjoy about this job is you get out what you put in,” Colton continued. “The more you try, the harder you try, the more you learn and the more satisfying it is.”

When asked what wisdom he could share with those considering a career in engineering, Raymond Nellis, an Ammonia Process Engineer from Dodge City, Kansas, offered this helpful advice. “Don't be afraid to not know things. People here don’t expect you to know everything right away, so don’t be afraid to raise your hand and start the process of learning.”

Jesse Schoolcraft, a Process Safety Manager based in Enid, Oklahoma, told us how he approaches the ever-changing difficulties he faces in his role. “One of the big challenges that I've faced is you have a lot of priorities going on all at the same time. You have to be able to recognize the value you’re going to create along with the timeline that goes along with it.”

According to him, succeeding as an engineer means never being afraid to step up to the plate. “Put yourself in a challenging position. Take on a little more than you think you can handle. Volunteer yourself and say, ‘I don’t have a whole lot of experience in that area, but I think I can take this on.’ Those are the opportunities when we grow.”

And for those wondering what it’s like to work as an engineer at Koch, Jesse offered this: “Being an engineer at Koch is rewarding. Every day we make the world a little bit better by providing our services and products. To go home knowing I’ve made a bit of difference? Yeah, that’s pretty rewarding.”

At Koch Fertilizer, it’s the people who make the organization dynamic and successful. We’re always looking for motivated, forward-thinking candidates who are determined to create a meaningful impact. Whatever your engineering background, we’ll put you in a position where you can make a difference.