Passion To Protect: Joey Vieyra

At KAES, our plants, terminals and offices are more than just a workplace — they are our home, environment, and community. We value process safety above all else and each month we highlight employees who go above and beyond to ensure safety in their workplace.
Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Joey Vieyra, an operation technician, noticed an unfamiliar individual working at the Garner, Iowa terminal. He quickly engaged in conversation with the individual learning he was onsite to perform work, but did not have the proper training for the job. Joey was able to administer the proper training and procedures to the individual so work could proceed. He took the time to stop, think and ask questions when he saw something he didn’t recognize and in result was able to ensure safety for his terminal and other employees.

For Joey, safety is a way of life and something that comes natural to him. He believes it is important to always be aware of your surroundings and think logically if there is a safer way to complete a task. Process safety is a big piece of culture within Koch, and Joey contributes by not just telling others about safety but also practicing it in his role.

“We are human, and human errors happen,” Joey said. “By working safely, we can do our best to eliminate that chance of error.”

In his role as an operation technician, Joey is responsible for preforming maintenance and inspections as well as operational rounds and providing training to truck drivers for loading at the terminal. His passion for the work he does comes from taking pride and showing ownership not only in his role at the terminal but also at home when he is working with his son on motocross bikes.

“I am not going to do unfavorable work on my son’s bike and let him go out on a motocross track and hope nothing happens to it when he is running it at its maximum ability,” Joey said. “The same goes for the equipment we use here at the terminal. We have pride and take ownership in it.”

Away from work, Joey is very involved in family time with his wife and two children, enjoying the outdoors by hunting and fishing, helping his son train for motocross and working on his bikes.

Joey, thank you for actions to ensure safety across the workplace and congratulations on being selected as our Passion to Protect Moment of the Month!