Passion to Protect: Hunter Clarkson & Jeff Anderson

This month we highlight Hunter Clarkson and Jeff Anderson, who went above and beyond to ensure safety in their workplace.
Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2021

At KAES, our plants, terminals and offices are more than just a workplace – they are our home, environment, and community. We value process safety above all else and each month we highlight employees who go above and beyond to ensure safety in their workplace. 

At our Brandon, Manitoba facility, contract Security Associate Hunter Clarkson observed a truck driver who exhibited suspicious behavior when he arrived. Hunter contacted Jeff Anderson, transportation shift supervisor, and shared his concerns. Jeff connected with the right personnel on-site and confirmed the driver was a risk and should not be at the plant. The driver was removed from the plant and the appropriate parties were notified of the situation. 

Hunter and Jeff’s observations and actions not only kept their fellow Koch employees safe but also the local community. They were able to stop, think and ask questions about a situation and prevented anything further from happening. 

For both Hunter and Jeff, safety is a top priority in their roles and they want to ensure everyone who enters the Brandon plant goes home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived. 

“I always strive to be the best me,” Hunter said. “Knowing I have the power to make a positive difference at the end of the day really drives me to go above and beyond at what I do, be it either at the workplace or outside,” 

While Hunter and Jeff have different roles, they are both responsible for making sure the personnel maintain safe operations. 

“At Koch our culture is safety first, production second,” Jeff said. “I would never ask anyone to do a task that does not have their safety in mind. I want everyone involved to know our jobs can be done efficiently and safely.”

Thank you, Jeff and Hunter, for your actions to ensure safety across the workplace, and congratulations on being selected as our Passion to Protect Moment of the Month!